Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bonnie and Clyde

I was folding laundry yesterday when I realized it had been way too quiet for way too long. Following the quiet Snuffle sounds, I found Gracie in the hallway, with the door to the linen closet open and a roll of TP rolled out. She was ripping it into small pieces.

The picture isn't the best, as soon as I sat down to capture her escapades, she crawled into my lap.

I asked "Baby, what are you doing?" She looked up with the biggest smile, pointed into the linen closet and proclaimed "Key!" The kitty was inside the linen closet. Her accomplice!

Ketchup Queen

Gracie has learned the joys of dipping sauces. She l.o.v.e.s. ketchup. Usually, when ketchup is involved, she dips the fry (or whatever she's eating) in the ketchup and licks it off repeatidly. Often, the fry ends up all soggy and ditched for a new, stiff fry. Apparently, tator tots lost their appeal in her quest for ketchup today when she found a pacifier. . .

Monday, June 29, 2009

Packing the Valuables

Kitty is ready to be sent to Abu Dhabi.

Kitty! I'm coming with!

We're outta here!

Broster's Toys

Psst, Snuffy, we got that for Broster.

It's mine now, Momma!

Addendum: I finished posting this and went into the walk in closet that it is stored in to put away laundry. Gracie followed me in, pulled this out farther and sat right in. We played until I heard a little crack. I think maybe that's the end of that one for Gracie!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pool Time

Gettin' ready to hit the pool

Splish splash!


Who needs bathtime when we have a pool?!


Gracie has started to give out kisses lately. She was very particular about who she gave them to. A couple of days ago, she started to give Daddy kisses. I was sitting across the room, and everytime she'd give a kiss I'd cheer, clapping and calling "Yea, Gracie!" She liked all the attention she got from the kisses, and has started giving them out more freely since then. Here is a video of her learning how to blow kisses across the room to momma.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I feel like I'm living in a soap opera these days. Decisions are made, things are finalized and WHAM! the whole world changes in the blink of an eye.

Daddy and I have been desperately wanting to move home, to Hudson for a few years, and the desperation moved to higher levels when Gracie was born. Missing out on having her grow up with our friends' kids and her grandparents close was really tearing us up. Not to mention the added support system of having so many people we love and trust close enough to call in a situation. That's not to say we don't have amazing friends out here-we do, just not as many. Well, we gave up on that dream about a month ago and decided that we would start to truly settle in out here. We'd buy a house, get to know our acquaintances to make them into friends, and find a way to be happy. We could do it! After meeting with a mortgage expert, we were encouraged and met with a realtor.

Then, WHAM! I found a job posting for Hudson School District. At first I just stared at my computer screen. It's gotta be a typo, right? I mean, we just made this life altering decision, and now our lost dream is possible? I clicked on it to learn more, and read it out loud to Daddy. He stared at me. His face clearly said "you're making this up, right?" I told him I'd apply for it but we wouldn't tell anyone. Especially not our loved ones back home. If they got their hopes up and I didn't get it, it would be hard to go home with that disapointment in the air. So I applied. I didn't hear anything for quite a while. We kinda gave up on it and refocused on finding a house here.

We planned our summer trip to go home and see everyone before summer school starts and had another thing to focus on. The trip was set, and the Friday before we left I got a phone call-for an interview at the Hudson School District the following Tuesday. Really? It's gonna be that easy? We were already going to be in town! Perfect-time to call in the calvary for added prayers on this one. People were shocked that I had an interview-of course, because no one knew I had applied. One problem though. As I applied I tore appart my portfolio, deciding to redo the entire thing with newer, more impressive information. As the phone call didn't come, I let it fall to the wayside and it was still torn apart-and I had two days to fix that. I spent the next two days doing chores to be ready for the trip and working on my portfolio. Up early, to bed late, this was my one chance and if I didn't make it, at least I was going to make it hard for them to say no. I got a new outfit (let's face it, my "interview outfits" from five years ago wouldn't fit even if I wasn't prego!), and managed to finish the last details of my portfolio at 11:30 Monday night.

I nailed the interview. I really did. The new outfit and portfolio gave me confidence, and the interviewers were laid back, making it easy to talk to them about all I've done out here for the last 4 1/2 years. They asked questions about the website I use with my kids, and seemed really interested in what I had to say. I left feeling like a million bucks, but reminded myself I've had that feeling before and it's been wrong. So when people asked how it went I was sure to keep my answer low key. No need getting their hopes up too!

The next morning, my phone went off and it had the school district's number on the caller ID. I figured they were having trouble finding one of my references and wanted advice on finding them. Nope, they offered me the job! I was amazed-it's usually at least a week, sometimes two before I hear about a teaching interview. I asked about their insurance, and they have the same company as my current employer. I told her I really wanted to accept right then and there, but I needed to call the insurance company first to make sure Broster's birth would be covered. Nothing like finding the job of your dreams and then owing $6,000 for baby's delivery! The insurance company doesn't have a preexisting condition clause, and Hudson uses the exact same policy as I have now. After talking with several people from the insurance company, I was reassured numerous times that Broster is taken care of.

So I accepted the job. We're finally moving home. Just in case it doesn't seem God-given enough, when I checked the mail when we got home, I found our apartment renewal notice.