Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dress Rehearsal

Yesterday was Gracie's dress rehearsal for her first recital. I was really nervous. She tends to run around a lot during her weekly classes and I wasn't sure what she would do up on stage. We had such a great time together, and she did amazing up on stage! I think she knew more steps than any of the other kids in her class! Of course, it helps that her teacher stands off to the side doing the steps, but as soon as Miss Jordan started a step Gracie would do it without watching. I made a huge deal about how great she did, and how proud I am of how happy she looked on stage. She just lit up. She went on and on afterwards about how fun it was to be on a real stage. I think she's just gotten the dance bug!

Found a feather from someone else's costume.

Posing for Momma.

All the kiddos in our rehearsal time getting ready to rehearse the finale dance.
There are many things I don't appreciate about our studio. The one I was in growing up was much smaller so things are very different here. However, I love how they did rehearsal. It was very smooth and quick~I was anticipating being there all night (as I remember being growing up), but we were in and out in a little over an hour! They had all the students rehearse the finale first, then their tap number. Once they were done with tap they changed to ballet shoes and went right back up. While shoes were being changed, another group was doing one of their numbers. I did get a little frustrated that some older kids were called up before Gracie's 3 and 4-year-old group, but I can't complain about being out of there so quickly!


Disclaimer: That's NOT me giggling in the background. A lady sitting next to me had a case of the giggles when all those cute little pumpkins started jamming. I was busy crying~So proud my sweet girl was participating!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fishing with Grandpa

Our local state park had a kids' fishing contest and arts & crafts show today. Grandpa is an avid fisherman, so we figured it would be perfect bonding time with him! Last night we headed out to a local store and let the girls pick out their own fishing poles. Gracie stated that she wanted a Spider-Man one before we even left for the store, and Bee declared that she wanted Princesses. They stuck with those decisions almost all the way to the checkout. Then Gracie realized the handle of hers lights up. Bee discovered hers didn't. Back to the fishing pole aisle! Bee switched to a light up Barbie pole and we were good to go.

Ready to fish with Grandpa!

This morning we got up bright and early and headed to the park. Grandpa showed the girls how to cast and they looked at him like he has three heads. Momma and Grandpa cast their lines and they excitedly grabbed their poles. 

Fishing contest!

JR caught a fishie!

"Momma, did I catch a fish yet?"

Two minutes later Gracie asked if she had caught a fish yet. We told her to watch her bobber. One minute later Gracie asked me to hold her pole "for a sec." 
She proceeded to play in an open area on the dam. Bee joined her. Now Grandpa and I were fishing. 

We tried a couple other locations, but the fish just were not biting. When we left, with ten minutes left in the final round of the contest (it was broken into three age categories), there were five fish caught out of all the contestants in all three rounds! 

Drawing on their tote bags.

We rode on a tractor that was converted to look like a train and then scoped out the arts & craft tents. There was one tent for the kids to color a tote bag, which occupied the girls for about three minutes. The rest was pretty average. All in all, a great morning!