Thursday, January 17, 2013

Clean Freak

Bee's newest passion is cleaning with my new Norwex products. I am loving it, because these products are chemical free, so I don't have to closely monitor her using them, and they work so well that she can get the surface almost as clean as I do! Win! She asked me if she could clean my stovetop the other day. Um, sure! 

"Momma! Jerry's giving me raspberries!"

So fun!



Bee is getting so big! She sees Gracie come home from preschool with papers she has practiced letters on. We went to Half Price Books and I told the girls they could each pick out one book. Bee picked this princess letter book and set to work as soon as we got home. She already has a few letters down pretty well (tracing)!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ten on Ten

Recording my teaching for National Boards.

Taking down displays.


More teaching...

Entertaining Gracie at Bee's dance class.
Entertaining Jerry at Bee's dance class.


Gracie's two favs; giraffes and hearts!


Bedtime cuddles.

Christmas Day~Gma & Gpa's House


She had to put on her new dance outfit right away.

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Christmas Day~Santa

Robar left a good-bye letter the day before.

Santa came!


His first toothbrush!
Yum Momma!

Bee's new vinyl decal.

Love when they play together!

Coloring their castle.

Harold  Jerry and the Purple Crayon.

Christmas Eve

Jerry was yelling "I done! I done!"

Elf on a Shelf

We had our first ever Elf on a Shelf visit us this year. Gracie named him Robar. Here are just some of his shenanigans. 
He played on Jerry's truck.
Reminded Gracie to bring her teachers their Christmas gifts.

TP'd our Christmas tree.

He made them bath paint!

Robar got lost, so Red Hulk helped him out. He ironed a badge on Gracie's Awana vest.

He put mustaches on our photos.

Made cornstarch angels.

Played with the girls' salt dough ornaments.