Sunday, October 20, 2013

Our Weekend

I have a lot of blogging catch up to do, but can't resist posting about our weekend. I had such a blast with the kids, I wish the weekend was longer. 

Friday we went out to get supplies for our Halloween costumes and stopped on the way to meet Mater and Sheriff. We pass them all the time but I hadn't thought of stopping for pictures until a friend posted pictures of her son with them the other day. 

He was in Heaven!

Saturday we went to an apple orchard. I was looking for an orchard that wasn't commercialized. I get so tired of saying "no" to all the add on things-$2.00 for the hayride, $3.00 for the corn maze. . . with a family of five it gets spendy fast. I just wanted somewhere that would focus on the plants and picking our own food/pumpkins. A friend of mine told me about Maple Leaf Orchard, and it was perfect. We got a peck of Honeycrisp apples that were so good, the kids were "umm, nom, yum!"-ing the whole way home. I think they each gobbled up two apples in the car! We also picked out six pumpkins and a gallon of cider. 

It was really cold, which kept away the big crowds!

We waited for the ride to the apples, and then noticed the Honeycrisp were right behind the tractor! The hayride to the apples is free.

Bee loved helping Jerry find red apples.

He kept grunting at the apples as he pulled on them. 

Picking the perfect pumpkins. Jerry had enough by this time, so I packed him up in the stroller with lots of blankies.

Our loot!
Disclaimer: Jerry took off his shoes and socks in the car and was only out barefoot long enough to take this pic!
Sunday we decided to carve our new pumpkins. This photo pretty much sums up how that went. . . 

"Ma. Punk. Guts."

She was not happy about waiting her turn for momma to take the guts out of her pumpkin.

At least Gracie was willing to try with her guts if she had a spoon. Sadly, I kept them all outside and the guts were rather frozen so I had to do them all.

Drawing her design. It went from a Pegasus to a vampire to a vampire Pegasus and finally a scary face with four eyes. 

Gracie's four eyed vampire with "Packer stripes." 


Jerry's-I attempted Lightening McQueen. At least his face lit up and he yelled "Car!" 

Bee's flower

Our new (improved) front steps.
 After dinner the girls helped me get the seeds out of the guts so we could roast them. I've never tried this before, so I Googled how to do it. They turned out pretty good, but I did end up baking them about twice as long as the original instructions.
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Bee loved rinsing the seeds.


Saturday, October 19, 2013