Friday, April 12, 2013

10 on . . . 12?

 I realized late last night that I missed the 10th for 10 on 10. So, I took some pictures today instead. For being late, I gave ya a bonus picture. It doesn't sound as cool, but here's my 11 on 12.

Third day in a row scraping off my car~in APRIL.

Getting artwork ready for a community display for Earth Week. (

Grilling. In the falling snow. In APRIL. I'm forcing spring.

My scene every time I came in from grilling.

Post dinner coloring time.

Bee's picture.

Gracie's pictures. The one on the left is "Mary as a unicorn."

Ice cream to celebrate Momma & Daddy's TENTH wedding anniversary!

The boy's bedtime. Yes, he's wearing his sister's jammies. 

Gracie/Daddy cuddles!

Momma/Beezer cuddles!

Dance Picture Day

Picture day is very emotional for me. Stressful, crazy, exciting, and full of proud momma moments. This year was as bad as last year, stress wise. While I knew more of what to expect from last year, I now had two girls to set situated. Luckily, I was assigned the same day for both girls and they were an hour apart. Grandma came with so that one of us could entertain the girl that wasn't getting photographed. Gracie went first. 

"Posing" for momma.
Her group shot. My camera took a really dark photo, so there was a lot of editing to get it presentable.

Bee and Gracie got a sisters shot together. I can't wait to see it!

Waiting for Bee's turn.

Bee's class. Quite possibly the cutest thing ever. 

Easter 2013 Part 4

Easter at Grandma & Grandpa's House.

Easter 2013 Part 3

Egg hunting at Nana & Grandpa's house.

Easter 2013 Part 2

Easter Bunny
Daddy and I were marveling at how long the kids stayed in bed on Easter morning. Suddenly I heard scream/crying from downstairs. I figured it was Bee, as she does that sometimes but when I got downstairs the crying was coming from Gracie's room. This kind of scared me, as she's pretty good about taking care of her problems or finding one of us to help her. I asked her what was wrong and she exclaimed "I have to go potty REALLY BAD!" Confused, I rushed her to the bathroom. When she was settled on the potty I asked her why she didn't just get up and go and she replied "I wasn't sure if the Easter bunny was done with his job!" The night before we told the kids if they got out of bed the Easter bunny would be scared away without being able to finish his job of hiding their baskets. 

Lucky kids!

Bee's loot, which was apparently hidden too well for her. Oops!

Jerry's loot.

Gracie's loot.


Woah, there's CANDY in here!

Bee finally found hers, it took a while!

Playing with Bee's new "Gabba" figurines.

Tada! Completed puzzle.

And Gracie's puzzle.