Friday, April 12, 2013

10 on . . . 12?

 I realized late last night that I missed the 10th for 10 on 10. So, I took some pictures today instead. For being late, I gave ya a bonus picture. It doesn't sound as cool, but here's my 11 on 12.

Third day in a row scraping off my car~in APRIL.

Getting artwork ready for a community display for Earth Week. (

Grilling. In the falling snow. In APRIL. I'm forcing spring.

My scene every time I came in from grilling.

Post dinner coloring time.

Bee's picture.

Gracie's pictures. The one on the left is "Mary as a unicorn."

Ice cream to celebrate Momma & Daddy's TENTH wedding anniversary!

The boy's bedtime. Yes, he's wearing his sister's jammies. 

Gracie/Daddy cuddles!

Momma/Beezer cuddles!

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Anonymous said...

Once upon time in the land of kiddie overalls, the theme in my res hall was "think spring." I wouldn't try it now for it didn't work, it snowed like wicked crazy.

No matter, lilypad says happy birthday Gracie, so way to go on the big 0-5!