Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter 2013 Part 2

Easter Bunny
Daddy and I were marveling at how long the kids stayed in bed on Easter morning. Suddenly I heard scream/crying from downstairs. I figured it was Bee, as she does that sometimes but when I got downstairs the crying was coming from Gracie's room. This kind of scared me, as she's pretty good about taking care of her problems or finding one of us to help her. I asked her what was wrong and she exclaimed "I have to go potty REALLY BAD!" Confused, I rushed her to the bathroom. When she was settled on the potty I asked her why she didn't just get up and go and she replied "I wasn't sure if the Easter bunny was done with his job!" The night before we told the kids if they got out of bed the Easter bunny would be scared away without being able to finish his job of hiding their baskets. 

Lucky kids!

Bee's loot, which was apparently hidden too well for her. Oops!

Jerry's loot.

Gracie's loot.


Woah, there's CANDY in here!

Bee finally found hers, it took a while!

Playing with Bee's new "Gabba" figurines.

Tada! Completed puzzle.

And Gracie's puzzle.

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