Friday, March 19, 2010


I got an idea for making tissue paper butterflies for the girls' room yesterday. The kids have been playing with a large stick outside lately, so I thought I'd take that (they shouldn't be playing with it anyway) and use it as a base for a mobile of butterflies and hang it in the corner, near Gracie's crib. The stick was gone, however so I had to modify my plan-and I'm glad because I think it turned out so much cuter than it otherwise would have!

Waiting for heads, eyes, and antenna.

Gracie spent a significant part of her evening climbing from the couch in her room, into her crib trying to get closer to them. She even wore her butterfly pajamas in honor of them tonight.


Anonymous said...

I agree, your Lycaena youngmanae turned out really nice, nicer than what I can make or draw.

Anonymous said...

Cute idea, and I bet they fly so beautifully too!
Hugs -