Friday, December 31, 2010

Umi Goggles

Remember when we were going to visit Dora on Saturdays over the summer? One of the giveaways that we got was toy binoculars. Gracie enjoys a Nickelodeon show called Umi Zoomi, about three mini characters that help kids out when there is a problem. In a few of the shows, "Team Umi Zoomi" has asked their "Umi Friends" to get out their "Umi Goggles." They just put their hands to their faces on the show, but when Gracie found her binoculars from Dora, she was convinced they are her "Umi Goggles." She begged me to put the show on (it's OnDemand), and I was sure to pick an episode that included "Umi Goggles." Here she is watching:

Anticipating the request to "get out your Umi Goggles!"


superstar024 said...

What are any of the episodes with the googles my daughter has been asking for just that an I cant find them thanks

Anonymous said...

They don't make them, talk about a cash cow!