Thursday, March 29, 2012

Well Children

 Gracie and Jerry had their well child exams on Monday. The latest appointment I could get was 3:40, and I work until 4:00 so I joined them already in the exam room for crowd control. I missed Gracie getting her first eye exam. Daddy said it was amusing, as she was asked to tell the nurse shapes and colors. Confused, I said "She knows her shapes and colors!" He explained that the shapes were odd shapes, such as a house, not just circles, squares, and triangles. Seems silly to ask a four-year-old to be able to recall things like that when she's already nervous and excited about being at the doctor's office. She did well, though. Neither of them needed shots (yea!), but both will at their next visit (G 5 years, J 1 year). Gracie now weighs 33.4 lbs (10%) and is 38" tall (25%). She was her typical silly self during her exam, but passed with flying colors.

Waiting for the doc.

Taking deep breaths
(she later tried to get JR to take deep breaths too)

"Hey! That's cold!"

Jerry also did a good job for the doctor. He's such a laid back boy, I would have been shocked if he wasn't. His weight and height have tapered off a bit which is surprising with how much that kid eats! (Yesterday he ate HALF A CAN (value sized!) of formula before I got home from work!) Anyway, he is now 17lbs (10%), and 27 1/2" (10%). His head is 45.5cm (50%). The doctor was satisified with the answers to questions about his growth, which is all we really want from these types of visits. I can't believe our next visit for this boy will be his ONE YEAR exam! On a side note, he's started preferring bottles to nursing and rejects me every time I try except in the morning. I think he's just too tired at 6am to reject me! After I nurse I have to make him a bottle because it's not enough anymore. Breaks my heart a little bit, but I stopped pumping at work after Christmas break, so it's probably my own fault. I just keep telling him he can't completely reject me until he's a year. He's my last one, and my goal when I started nursing Gracie was to have all my babies nurse for a year. I hope I'm able to reach that goal. It will be hard not to be nursing when I've been doing it for the better part of four years! Babies just grow too fast.


Allegro Mama said...

Oh my word! Sy weighs about 10lbs more then Gracie.... 41lbs here. I love Gracies tattoos :)

Jodi Youngman said...

Ha! It would help if she's eat! Last night she begged me to go to Wendy's and ate ONE nugget. Until I held her frosty coupon over her head. I'm potty training Bee with tattoos, she loves them much more than candy. Whenever Bee gets one, Gracie wants one. You should see Bee's legs! :)

erin said...

Richard was the same way about nursing. He just didn't have time for that sort of thing. I had to force him to make it to a year!