Sunday, May 20, 2012


 Gracie started T-ball a couple of weeks ago. For those of you that are uninformed about T-ball, there are no outs and every kid bats every inning. Every hit gets one base, no matter how far it is hit, or if the fielder gets the ball to the base before the runner. It's all about learning the basics of the game. 

Her team. Nine kids ages 4-6.
Meeting her teammates.
Learning some fielding basics.

Can I be a Raider, too, Dad?

Finding second base~they practiced running them in the correct direction.

Found first, Momma!

Watch out, Ryan Braun. There's a NEW #8 in Wisconsin!

She decided to bat left handed.

What a swing!

Bee got bored and requested the park, across the parking lot from the field.

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Carrie Moritz said...

Gracie has a nice arm - in the video she threw it right to the coach!