Monday, October 1, 2012

Our First Leaf Pile-EVER!

Tonight after dance I raked up our neighbor's leaves that are in the grass between our houses and let the kids loose. Having lived in apartments all their lives, my children have never jumped in a leaf pile before. We had a blast!

Moments after the first jump in, tossing the leaves in the air. So fun!

I had high hopes for this pic, but my camera paused, Gracie decided to smell a stick, and Jerry blocked his face. Oh well, such is life with three! :)

To think, this is probably less than half the leaves on those three trees, and my trees haven't even started dropping leave yet! I wonder how big of a pile we could make...

So silly.

They kept burying themselves completely in the leaves.

My fav pic of the night.

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Carrie Moritz said...

Fall is so much fun! Perfect weather and the leaves are fun to play in! Great photos Jodi!