Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's Up, Doc?

A good doctor is hard to find. We've had lots of troubles in this area since our move across the state five years ago. I thought I found a great doctor shortly after we moved, but she didn't do OB so I had to find a new one when I got prego. With the recommendation of a coworker, I found a great doctor. The problem? Her office (and hospital where she delivered) was a half hour from home! We live two miles from one of the best hospitals in the area, but we drove a half hour, to a smaller hospital to deliver Gracie. The best part? If we had had any complications we would have been transferred to the hospital we live by. When Gracie was about two months old I got a letter that my doctor had left the clinic. Fan. Tastic.

When I found out I am now prego again, I decided instead of using another doctor at the same clinic I would find one that delivers at the hospital two miles away. Seems like common sense to me. I turned to the same coworker, and she came through again with the clinic she currently goes to. It was very hard to find, but worth it! I love, love, LOVE my new doctor! She played with Gracie for at least five minutes of the appointment, taking her time and chatting with us not only about our pregnancy, but about us. She was so open and welcoming, I felt like I've known her for months, and we were only there for about an hour! (First visit, lots of paperwork, plus a blood draw) She held Gracie for a while and said to her "You are such a doll. Your mommy and daddy make a great lookin' baby. I can't wait to see this next one!" The receptionist asked me to bring Gracie to every appointment. I am actually thankful that my other doctor left so I would have the opportunity to discover this clinic. Plus, I get to deliver close to home! Go ahead, baby, surprise us, we're all set. On another note, she also mentioned that typically week ten is the worst for morning sickness. Yeah, that would be next week, friends. Please pray for me that I make it through the week without spending too much time being sick!

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carrie said...

Hope you feel better or don't get the worst of it morning sickness.

I see you got the time-lines to update too.