Friday, August 21, 2009

Naughty Gracie!

Gracie has figured out how to climb her dollhouse. I was fixing dinner tonight, and when I turned around, she was laying in the attic of her dollhouse! She sure has shown that she has a stubborn streak, running back to the house every time I pulled her out. She likes to perch on the roof of the lower part on the side and wait for me to swoop in and pull her off. I toss her on the couch, making her giggle. I'm hoping our new game will at least keep her on the lower part so when she falls it won't be as far!

The pictures are of the first time she climbed up there.

The video was her second attempt, she decided to try feet first. We've used the term "feet first" with her for whenever she's getting off of anything, or down something-such as a slide. She's done really well with that, so I guess she thought it would work here too!

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Josey said...

Baby you are the funniest girl i know. But I told you to be a good girl for mommy and daddy while i am gone. but I guess this was more funny then naughty. Just dont get hurt.And I know being good for nine months is no fun but hey just try....Love you snuff more than you will ever know
love big sis seeeeeeeeeee!