Monday, September 28, 2009


This morning I woke up around 5 a.m. This is nothing new, as I wake up almost hourly to flop over to my other side because some limb has fallen asleep. However, as I assessed my body, I found that nothing was asleep. On closer observation, I realized I was having a contraction! For the rest of the early morning, until my alarm went off I switched between having contractions and snoozing. The contractions continued all morning at work, and after lunch I walked into my classroom and glanced down to notice that I didn't see as much of my belly as I have been used to seeing. The baby dropped! Yea! Progress! After last week's doc appointment, I wasn't going to have him check my progress at this Thursday's appointment, but now I think I might! Part of me hopes I'll have Bri by then-they didn't have any open appointments late in the week so they double booked me saying the other appointment will "probably deliver anyway." Sigh, my appointments are always behind schedule, and adding a double booking didn't really make me happy. Maybe BOTH she and I will deliver and they'll get back on schedule for one day!


erin said...

Here's hoping!

Carrie A said...

Good luck hun!!! I hope she comes soon for ya!!!