Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gracie's Peeps

One of Gracie's newest games is to dig through her dollhouse toybox and find all the people. This is no small task, as she has about 15 of them in there. She gathers them all up in her arms and brings them to the couch. Sometimes it even takes a couple of trips to get them all on the couch, but when successful she covers a whole couch cushion with her peeps. Then she climbs onto the cushion next to them, wiggles her way between them and the back of the couch and kicks them all off, one at a time. Once they're all off she points at them and laughs, climbs back down and starts all over with putting them on the couch. I don't really get it, but hey, if it keeps my toddler busy and isn't dangerous I'm all for it!

1 comment:

Josey said...

glad she loves my dollhouse people