Friday, October 9, 2009

Week 40 Checkup

I had a very encouraging appointment today. Again, at first I didn't know if I wanted to be checked, but then she offered to strip my membranes, saying that would help labor progress. I took her up on that offer, as I am tired of the symptoms of pregnancy. She measured my belly (38cm), we listened to Bri's heartbeat, and then she got down to business. She said I'm now dilated to 5 (Woo hoo! Halfway there!), and stripped my membranes (OUCH!). She said everything looks good, and ready to go and "if that didn't cause labor, nothing will." She even said she will be contacting the on-call doctor to let him know to expect me this weekend; that's how certain she is that I'll be going in! My sub at work doesn't need my laptop, so I plan on bringing it to the hospital with me and if I feel up to it I'll post pictures and her birth story.


erin said...

WOW! 5cm is no joke!
Praying for a fast and healthy delivery. We can't wait to meet Miss Brianna.
p.s. Can you please have her while I'm currently healthy??? I'm tired of not getting to hold new babies!
p.p.s. Stripping membranes hurts like a mother!

carrie said...

too excited!!!!!

Jodi said...

Erin-I guess that depends on how long you plan on staying healthy?
Yeah it does! I did not expect that much pain without the actual labor! It'll be worth it if I get a baby this weekend!