Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gracie's First Hair Cut

I've been getting a bit of grief lately about how long Gracie's hair is getting. I've been told that I should cut her bangs. Now, I have had bangs all my life, and I hate them. I don't like how I look without them, but find them to be a constant pain. Gracie, however looks quite cute without bangs, and I plan on using that to our advantage. She's a very wiggly kid, and I can't imagine trying to maintain bangs on that girl. So I have resisted the temptation to trim her locks thus far.
Today the girls and I took a trip to the Dells to visit with Josey, Bret, and Alyssa. Bri slept the whole way there, and most of the way back. Gracie, however was a little more challenging-but better than I expected. On the return trip, she got sick of being in the car with about an hour left until home. I kept her occupied by giving her three fruit snacks at a time. My thinking was that by only giving her three they'd last longer, and I wouldn't have a sticky van when we got home. That only lasted a half hour before she started screaming and wouldn't stop.
When we got home, I discovered-to my horror and amusement-that the car ride wasn't the only reason she was upset. I slid the side door open to see my daughter's beautiful red bangs wrapped around an especially soggy and sticky fruit snack. Gracie looked at me with a little frown and pulled at the fruit snack forlornly. Of course, it was raining, and Bri was screaming to be nursed too. My first thought was I guess she gets a haircut after all, but at least it'll make a funny blog with a silly before picture! By the time I got inside, I decided to try soap before scissors, and thankfully was able to get it out painlessly.


erin said...

Hahaha! Gross. Glad you got it out. I'm also glad it wasn't gum! Did you see Naomi's recent blog?

Jodi said...

The one with the makeup?! I won't have that problem-I never wear any!

erin said...

No, the re-chewed gum one. Bleck!