Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gracie's Puppy

If you know Gracie, you know that she loves puppies. She is always saying "Puppy puppy puppy," and even requests visits to see her grandparents' puppies. Her recent addiction is seeing puppies on t.v. She steals the remote, pushes the OnDemand button (she knows that's how momma finds the puppies), and says "Puppy!" while pointing at the t.v. After watching Marley and Me five times in two days, I'd had enough of puppies. We had an extra t.v. for video games, but daddy was at work so I put Lilo and Stitch on it (the closest I had to a puppy DVD). It worked! She was entranced, and I had the regular t.v. to watch. So, I called daddy and asked him to bring a puppy DVD home from work. He did better than that! His work gave free Dug stuffed animals with the purchase of the Up! DVD. Now Gracie has her very own puppy-that must come with us every where.