Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chicken Rings

I went to Aldi the other day. I decided I'll give it a chance. Despite how they treated me in Milwaukee, they seem nice here and if it saves us money to eventually get a house I'll take it. I bought a bunch of "onsies," just to sample things and see if we like it and should get it again. One thing I got was "Chicken Rings."

I told Daddy upon returning home "I got chicken rings, now you can pretend you are at White Castle."
"Pretend I'm at White Castle?"
"Sorry honey, we can't afford to go to White Castle." Wow, that's pretty much the most pathetic thing I've ever heard come out of my mouth!


Julie said...

Ha ha!

I really love Aldi. We shop there almost exclusively for our groceries, with the exception of the specialty items they may not have. We've managed to save about 50% on our grocery bills over the past few's awesome! :)

erin said...

I love Aldi, too.