Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boy? Girl?

I don't know if you've noticed the new(ish) ticker on the side of this blog, but we are expecting our third little one at the end of June. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster as we try to wrap our heads around the idea of a larger family. Now that the Christmas season is over and Daddy isn't working as much we are trying to iron out the logistics of being a family of five.

Our apartment is definately too small for five-heck, it's too small for four! We did talk to the landlord, though, and she said that if our lease is signed before the baby is born we're fine. If the baby is born first, we'll have to move-either to a three bedroom in the same complex or to another location entirely. We have started the house hunting process officially-even looked at a house together last week. It's the first time Daddy has ever looked at a house with me, despite this being my third time beginning the process. We're pretty sure it'll take us longer than this summer to find the right house, though. We're trying to keep our expenses down so most of the houses we are looking at are foreclosures or short sales, which can take 6 weeks-6 months to hear a response about after making an offer.

Our other big concern is vehicles. We decided to keep our sedan and buy a larger SUV or Mini Van type vehicle next fall, when I go back to work. The next day there was a snowstorm and Daddy got into an accident. Thankfully, he is ok, no one else was involved in the accident, and the kids were not in the car. Unfortunately, the car is totalled. We can make it drivable to get by until fall (or it becomes a Flintstones car!), but were debating on that for a little while. I think we will though.

I had an apointment last night and my doctor "predicted" the baby's gender based on the heartbeat. At a strong 140's rate, she is predicting that it will be . . . a. . . boy! We shall (hopefully) find out for sure on January 31st, when we have our developmental ultrasound. As Daddy put it, "a boy would be nice, but I make darn good girls!"

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