Monday, June 27, 2011

Jerry Richard

Our little boy has arrived! Meet Jerry Richard, aka JR. He is named after the three most influential men in his life (excluding Daddy, who Bee is named after). His first name comes from my father-in-law, and his middle name comes from both my father and my husband's best friend. Here are pictures of our first three days together, in no particular order.

On the quilt Nana made for him.

He loves sleeping on the Boppy pillow. So far he is a very good eater and sleeper.

Bee seems so big now, compared to little JR!

Ready to go home!

Kissies from his sissies.
They are completely in love with him.

I think this is my fav pic so far.

Or maybe this one...

Daddy and his little man.

Daddy recorded my first moments with my son. I didn't even know he knew how to use the video function~so I had no idea I was being recorded!


carrie said...

Are you changing the name of your blog now? or will he get his own page?

Anonymous said...

I agree, I can't decide which of the photos are my favourite either. Though can't complain, J.R. isn't bad for someone's first two initials. The videos are pretty good too. Hope all is well with you and all four kiddies (three little ones and one 'big' one).