Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week 39

I'll start with our crazy week 38 actually. Two weeks ago we moved, and our wonderful landlord has given us plenty of time to clean the old place out. So last weekend I spent a significant part of my Saturday working on getting it ready for her to inspect. Apparently, I did a bit too much and I realized that evening that I couldn't remember the baby moving at all throughout the day. I figured that I was just so busy and used to feeling him move that I didn't notice. However, with two stillborns within a couple of months of each other at work, I had to be certain that everything was ok with this little guy! I texted my sister in law, who is a nurse and she told me to drink juice or chocolate milk and lay on my left side. If I still didn't feel him, call the doc. I did, but didn't get to lay very long with the girls demanding this and that, so I tried again. Still nothing. I called the hospital, and they said to come in right away. After being on the monitors for about an hour in different positions they were satisified that they had gotten a constant reading with plenty of movement and I was sent home. Whew!

Yesterday I had my 39 week OB appointment, so the doc talked with me about the weekend. Sunday the baby more than made up for the lack of movement on Saturday. I don't think he slowed down all day! Figures. She checked me and found that I am dilated to a "Two, almost three." That didn't encourage me, as two weeks ago I was at a two. So I would be very surprised if he comes before his due date. I'm honestly expecting him to be late at this point. Everything else at the appointment was good, and I have only gained 16 pounds this pregnancy! That surprises me, as he's been demanding junk food constantly.

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