Saturday, September 10, 2011

Scottish Festival

Grandma took us to the Scottish Festival today. The girls had so much fun, they didn't want to leave. Both of them got their face painted. Gracie started to get her hair braided but lost patience with the process. They rode on a car with "Nessie" on top, listened to Scottish music, and shopped at the little vendor booths.

Gracie chose to have her face painted like Ironman.

Of course, it had to be sparkly, so she is "Sparkly Iron-Gracie."

Bee was next. She was quite agreeable to pretty much anything I suggested, but when I said "Puppy?" her face lit up.

Becoming a puppy.

Bee Puppy!
The woman was working on her spots and Bee was excitedly pointing to her pile of paint and exclaiming "Yellow! Yellow! Yellow!" so she became a brown and yellow spotted puppy.

Riding "Nessie."

Gracie went back to the face painting and asked for Spider-Man on her arm.

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erin said...

Love the yellow puppy!