Sunday, September 11, 2011


 Shirley came over today! This always calls for a fun activity, and I've been meaning to do this painting activity with my girls all summer so it seemed like the perfect time. I rolled tennis balls in paint and put them into the pool and the girls gently tilted the pool to make the ball roll over the paper that was taped to the bottom of the pool. The older girls did awesome, and seemed to really like the process but Bee was slightly tortured that there were balls and she wasn't allowed to grab. 

 Shirley declared that she was making the painting for her Daddy, so Gracie agreed that the next painting was for her Daddy. What a lucky couple of Daddies!

 When all the painting fun was over the kids started begging to swim. I tried to talk them out of it, saying they'd get cold, but all three were asking so sweetly that I got the suits and hose out. Funny, though, as soon as we were situated and I started to clean the patio they all wanted to "help" clean the patio. I gave one of them a sponge to wipe off the picnic table and went in to start lunch. When I came back out, all three of them were using the water to "clean" the patio! It's never been cleaner :)


carrie said...

I would like a pool painting for my craft room please.

I think Polly would feel the same as Bee about not being able to play with the balls too.

Jodi said...

We only made two paintings, which Shirley and Gracie have delcared go to their Daddies. Next time, though, for sure!

Gracie walked onto the patio this morning and was angry that "someone" made HER patio dirty. LOL.