Monday, September 10, 2012

10 on 10

I've been meaning to do a ten on ten for a long time now, but always forget until it's too late. Today I remembered while at dance class. Better late than never! So, here's my ten on ten, the evening version. Except that I apparently only took nine pics. It's a start...

Attempting to entertain Bee at Gracie's dance class.
Peeking in the viewing window at Gracie's class.
A little advertising at dance class.
Dancing to her own music-she combined Gracie's two dance songs from last year!
Grocery shopping! With three screaming kids! At baby's bedtime! Yea!
They CAN share! Exchanging pudding for Nerds. Mutually beneficial.
Tomorrow's dinner!

Can't wait.

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Carrie Moritz said...

Love it - I started doing this too. I have it set on the calendar as a monthly reminder.