Saturday, September 29, 2012

Play Date!

 The day after Daddy surprised the girls with a new water table, we got to have a playdate with Shirley and Richard! We had loads of fun.

Checkin' out the water table

Shirley came up with the awesome idea of using straws in the water table. I could only find two, but that didn't stop them.

Shirley loves our keyboard.

We got a little artistic.

And then a little more wet...

Richard was really diggin' the easel.

Jerry got a little bored...

The swingset got a good workout.

 We found a HUGE grasshopper on the top pole of the swingset. The kids took turns being lifted up to see him close up. Eventually, they all wanted to touch him. I was certain as soon as the first ooey, gooey kid finger touch him he'd hop over the fence into our neighbor's yard. To try to be fair, I lifted Gracie and Shirley up at the same time and we counted to three before they touched him. He took a little step to the side and looked annoyed. I let Bee touch him. Still, he stayed. I asked Richard if he'd like to try and he said yes. He touched him on one side and told me he wanted to see the other side. After touching him on both sides, Richard seemed satisfied. The grasshopper was still there after all that poking!

And so did the kitchen set.

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