Saturday, December 22, 2012


It occurred to me as I was sealing my Christmas cards that 2012 was a pretty good year for our family. I probably should have included some type of letter with my card for people that don't get to see us often to know what we've been up to. Here's what I would have written, if I'd been on the ball, had time, and the printer worked. 

January, Momma started trying to eat healthier and training to run in her first 5K. 

Momma's first 5K, The Race for a Cure TC
March, Gracie turned four and Momma attended her LAST Grad School weekend. EVER. 

She just discovered where we took her for her birthday. The Depot in Minneapolis to swim.
May, Momma graduated with her Masters of Education degree from UW-River Falls, and we put a bid on our first house. EVER. Momma ran in her first & second 5Ks.

Momma's graduation day!

Our first house!

June, we closed on our first house, Jerry turned one, and we spackled, sanded, and painted every wall of the house between Daddy's work shifts and summer school for Momma. Momma also took an online class through UW-Stout to have her first student teacher in the fall. Gracie had her first dance recital. EVER. And joined her first T-ball team.

July, we moved into our first house! Momma ran in two more 5Ks.

Color Run MN

August, Momma met her first student teacher and had to go back to work and ran in another 5K.

September, Momma started her ninth year of teaching elementary art (fourth in Hudson).

October, Brianna turned three! Momma ran in another 5K.

November, Momma started looking into the benefits of obtaining her National Board Certification, Daddy actually had an evening shift for Black Friday! Momma ran in her first 10K.

First 10K, Diva Dash for Ovarian Cancer Research

December, we had our first Elf on the Shelf, Robar, visit us, Daddy has Christmas Eve off! Momma has lost 60 pounds.

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