Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Boxcar Children

If you have children, perhaps you've seen the show, Timmy Time. It's a spinoff of Shawn the Sheep (Timmy is Shawn's nephew), but I personally like it even better than Shawn the Sheep. It's more for the preschool bunch than older kids/adults like Shawn. None of the animals talk, they all use their typical sound but can somehow understand each other. For example, the owl teacher said "Hoot, Hoooo-oot," to give instructions. Below is a video of the opening theme song. 

Cute, right? We've been watching a lot of Timmy. They have good morals and the girls giggle through the whole episode. In one episode, the kids learn about trains and Timmy pretends to be a train. The cat feels left out and tries to one-up Timmy by making a train out of a box and stealing the other kids for her own train. They go back and forth, one-uping each other until the other kids give up on them and play something else. 

Ok, that's the background story for our post. Daddy cleaned out JR's room the other day and condensed two diaper boxes and a wipes box. He put them by the door so the next person to leave could take them out to the recycling. The next thing I knew, Gracie pulled a box out, stepped into it and started walking around the room chanting "Mew Mew Mew Mew" (say it like a train!). I laughed and she asked for string to make it into her own train car. 

Of course, as soon as Gracie had one Bee and Jerry needed one too!

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