Saturday, May 4, 2013

5K Fun Run/Walk

One of my schools hosts a fun run/walk every spring. I went to the first two but didn't get far as I had a newborn at the first one and was pregnant with Jerry (and pushing both girls) for the second one. I missed last year because of grad school and was disappointed that this year was scheduled on Daddy's birthday. He ended up getting scheduled to work this morning, so I was able to bring the kids after all. They were so excited to go to Momma's school!

Getting ready-it was really cold!

Wolfie, our mascot.
 I have never ran with my kids. I think we tried last year, with just two of them in the stroller and didn't get far. I wasn't sure how well we would do today, but figured it's just good to get them out there and thinking about being healthy. Plus, it supports my students being healthy too. The girls decided to start out running, but I wouldn't let Jerry out of the stroller at all. The girls didn't even walk for over half a mile! I was so impressed, I promised them they can run with me a bit over the summer. Gracie is very excited about that idea. 

We earned medals! My first running medal. :)

Post-run recovery food.

Dancing and eating.