Saturday, June 8, 2013

Spring Yard Work

We started to try and mend our backyard. The previous owners of our house had two labs, which tore up the backyard, Maple tree, and all the woodwork in our house. Last summer we had a challenge to keep the house clean with all the mud and dirt getting tracked into the house from the backyard. I planted grass this year, and the kids helped to get the seeds tilled into the ground. 

This is the corner of the yard to the right of our deck. It is now flourishing with super thick grass! 

Jerry loves the hose.

He decided he'd rather supervise the operation.

It's a better angle for supervision, of course.

Cutie pie.

Our yard was all as bare as the images of tilling the ground. This is what it looks like now! I still have some spots to fill, but it is so much better!

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