Sunday, June 9, 2013

Gracie's 5 Year Check Up

It occurred to me the other day that I never blogged about Gracie's five year well child exam. She was really nervous about it. She's been with me for many check ups for Jerry, and has watched both him and Bee get shots since the last time she needed them. We were honest with her, and let her know that she should expect to get some at her visit. Daddy recently got a cortisone shot, so he was able to talk with her about what to expect and she took him seriously. He told her "it will hurt, but you can count to ten and it will be done hurting." I was really glad he told me he said that to her so I could use it to make her feel better. I let her sit on my lap for the shots and we quietly counted to ten together. When we reached ten she got a huge smile on her face and she announced "it does feel better!" My big girl didn't even cry! It helped that we had the counting to ten deal plus our doctor's office gives five-year-olds a cold ice pack shaped like a teddy bear, which she promptly put on her wounds. A couple of stickers, and it was like it never even happened!

Apparently it's easier to see the eye exam chart on one foot.

Hearing test

There was no surprise in her percentiles-still 10th in both height and weight. She is now 34.6 pounds and 40 1/2" tall.

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