Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bee's Haircut

We had a huge milestone yesterday. Bee decided to cut her hair short. She had a large "knotty guy," as we call their tangles, in her hair and I told her we needed to comb it out. She instantly started to whine and I said simply, "we comb it, or we cut it." She stopped, contemplated for less than a second and said "cut it." 

We went into the bathroom and did just that. 

When I got the scissors out, she started to get nervous, and asked if I would just "use what Daddy uses." She means his hair clippers! I said no, girls don't wear their hair as short as Daddy and we proceeded to cut her hair to her shoulders. 
She is not crying because of her haircut, she was excited about that. 

Her long hair, with a big "knotty guy" in it.
 I started by cutting it shoulder length and she looked in the mirror and announced "shorter!" So I tried to cut it chin length. Just as I was snipping a section she hunched her neck down to her shoulders and made me cut it too high. It ended up being about ear length, and is completely adorable.
Short hair!

SO much hair! Too bad I didn't anticipate this, we could have donated it!

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