Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cornstarch and Shaving Cream

Two of the most used household items for my kids are shaving cream and cornstarch. We use shaving cream to clean up our painting in the tub, and to play with for sensory development. Cornstarch is added to soap, water, and food coloring to make bath paint. Leave out the soap, and it's sidewalk paint. Cornstarch and water make a fun goop to play with. Needless to say, when I saw someone combine these two items on Pinterest, I wondered why we hadn't done that yet! 

Just starting out.

It is really sticky at first. 

REALLY sticky.

As it's played with, it turns more solid-like Model Magic. 

Bee got very into it. Here, she is putting a crown on her Sleeping Beauty.
Since doing this with my kids, Bee has asked for it several times. She loved it. Gracie wasn't as dedicated, and Jerry, quite frankly wasn't ready for this caliber of project. He just wiped it all on the floor. It takes some work to get it into a mold-able consistency, and it can get crumbly after that. Just add more shaving cream and knead it in. While it is like Model Magic when working with it, it does not keep. It just crumbles when it dries out.

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