Saturday, June 8, 2013

Recital Day!

I wanted to make this whole day special, so we started with specialized pancakes for each kid. 

Bee loves flowers.

Gracie asked for a heart with arms and legs. 
 This picture perfectly captures my life. Gracie is finally the center of attention, so Bee is trying desperately to hoard in on it, and Jerry's screaming, thinking he's forgotten.

Jerry got a green car with purple wheels.
Enjoying their special pancakes-this was the last two minutes of peace I got until bedtime.
Trying (in vain) to get the girls' hair to curl. 

I gave up on curls.

We came equipped with a backpack full of things to entertain them during the show. Note to self, no beads next time!

Bee listened so well, she forgot to turn to the audience after the teacher showed her to her spot!

My princess

My precious dancers.

Love these girls so much.

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