Monday, January 26, 2009

Help! I Can't Decide!

I am the worst at decisions like this! Our local paper is having a cutest baby contest. Here's what the email said: Maybe it's the moment, the lighting, or something indescribable in their eyes - but if you've captured the "ultimate" baby face on camera, we want to see it. So, which one is "the ultimate?"

1. Crinkle nose Tinkerbell

2. Thoughtful, with wooden toy

3. Tinkerbell, looking up

Or, do you like one of the other pictures I've posted? The one at the top, or the one on the side with her links? I am terrible!


erin said...

It's DEFINITELY number three!!!

carrie said...

My vote is for #1 - that is the one I entered on that online one that was really trying to get people to sign up for stuff.

Elara, Tony & Julie said...

I vote for #3 too!

Nana Jo said...

Nana says #1.

Cara said...

#3, hands down! Good luck!