Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dairy Queen

Snuffy is a true blue Wisconsinite. She loves dairy! The game at Miller Park was sponsored by the Wisconsin Dairy Council today, and Grace was in heaven. Free samples of milk, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, ice cream, and cheese! It was her first time trying flavored milk, and I think it took her one minute flat to chug the chocolate! Strawberry was obviously just as tasty to her, but it's hard to chug with a belly full of chocolate milk. She loves every kind of cheese we have given her to try-we have a cheese speciality shop near here, and she loves them all. Sweet, spicy, plain, she doesn't care it's all good to her. She samples so many varieties of cheese at the store that she has gone through a whole sippy cup in one visit just to wash it all down. Good thing she's not lactose intolerant!

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