Monday, June 21, 2010

Textural Bowls

I've been thinking about Bee a lot lately. More specifically, ways to enhance her sensory experiences. While perusing around Wal-Mart I came across suction cup bowls, and thought they would be perfect for introducing a few different textures for her to play with in a more hands-on approach than the bottles we've been playing with.
It was fun at first. Gracie was very interested in what her little sister had coming, and insisted on helping with our project. Unfortunately these bowls have less suction than is desired, and Bee was able to pick them right up! I was very frustrated at first, and almost threw in the towel (literally, it got pretty messy!).

Then I noticed Bee's face. . .

While it wasn't what I was envisioning when I bought the bowls, Bee did experience texture in a more tactile way than she had previously experienced. She felt sugar, cornstarch, and minute rice. She enjoyed mixing them up and feeling how different they are-just in a slightly (ok, extremely) messier way.

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carrie said...

there is definitely some thinking going on with that face. I think you still accomplished what you set out for.