Monday, June 28, 2010


I blogged in the past about Gracie painting with "Shiny Paint." Her paintings have been taped to our wall since they dried. . . a month ago! I have been considering how to preserve them. I didn't want to use EnviroTex like her other art projects because that would cover up how cool the paint is, with it's shiny texture and I figured that a regular frame would do the same. When I found this post on Dollar Store Crafts, I had my answer! I had never considered using a frame without the glass. What a simple solution to my conundrum! I had a bunch of frames laying around, with no home so I put them to good use! Now Gracie's paintings are framed and hung around the apartment, and she is a proud little artist! When I hung the first one up she puffed out her little chest and exclaimed "Mine! My painting!" in the most excited voice I have heard.

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