Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shiny Paint

I got this idea from Crunchy and Green, and I love it! I used corn syrup (Karo syrup, which I also use in my bubble formula!) and food coloring to make this unique paint for Gracie. Because it uses food coloring, it would stain clothing, but since we do most of our painting in the tub, that didn't phase us! The "paint" dries super glossy. However, if you want to do this, have a plan! I didn't, and my normal routine didn't work for this paint. I usually tape the paper to the shower, let her paint, and then transfer the papers to the wall to dry while we clean the tub. I tried that with this paint, and it ran down the paper onto the walls and I had a big mess. They need to dry flat, so I'd suggest having a plan for drying before you start.

It has a different texture than fingerpaint, which interested Gracie for a while.

She got sick of using her fingers, so I tried to get her to use her toes!

She enjoyed using the sponge even more than the shaving cream-which is usually her favorite part of painting!

Gracie's completed masterpieces.

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