Monday, May 31, 2010

Water Wall

When I read this post, I thought "Gracie would love a water wall!! But, we live in an apartment so oh well." The I started thinking, there's no reason that living in an apartment should stop us from all the fun that is to be had. They're only young once, right?! I just needed to get creative on how to get it accomplished without a permanent yard to put it in.

I started by going to Fleet Farm and asking for pegboard. I was originally thinking plywood, but when I thought of pegboard, it seemed like a no-brainer. I wouldn't have to drill any holes! It would be much quicker to make it, and we'd be able to get right down to the fun part! I decided to spray paint it white, but that's not really necessary. I was going to paint a header too, but realized my paints were in my bedroom where the baby was sleeping. Oh well. I also used a spray on sealer to try and prolong it's usefullness.

I gathered a variety of plastic containers from around the apartment, hammered a hole in each one with a phillips screwdriver, and bolted them to the pegboard with wingnuts. My thought was that eventually Gracie will be able to move the containers around on her own if I used wingnuts instead of nuts.

Now all we needed to do was enjoy! I'm brainstorming ways to make a little funnel-like aparatus for the bottom so I can make the water go right back into the pool. . . I'm sure something will come to me!

Not surprisingly, Gracie was a little more interested in watering her flowers.

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