Saturday, May 15, 2010


You know that feeling when you start a project and realize it's much, much bigger than your realized and you wish you'd never started? Yeah, me too...

I was going to sort all the kids' clothes by size and type and rebox it all, condensing it and repacking it into storage. I gave up and just pulled out the new sizes I need and packed up the stuff the kids have outgrown. I must admit, I was a little sad that the clothes I'm pulling out for B to start wearing are the clothes I just packed up that Gracie just outgrew a few months ago!


carrie said...

B is going to outgrow Gracie's clothes soon - we're going to have to hit up some garage sales this summer.

erin said...

That is SUCH a tough project. Did you cry? I cry every time.
Also, I did the same reorg last week. It took HOURS. I sat in our nasty, cold basement to do it and only came upstairs to nurse. I'm glad it's done, though.
Girls have SO. MANY. CLOTHES. !!!

Jodi said...

Garage sales will be my second home!

No, I didn't cry because I was also playing with Gracie, going in and out of the apt all day so I was pretty distracted. I was just overwhelmed that there was SO MUCH and that I literally JUST packed it all up not even 6 months ago! I can't get over how big Bee is-especially compared to Gracie at that age.