Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spin Painting

Carrie found me a new art project to do with Gracie! She found a magazine article about spin painting using a salad spinner and gave me all the supplies and info today. After Gracie's nap we decided to give it a shot. It was pretty fun, although Gracie is not quite strong enough to pull the string hard enough to make it spin as fast as needed. She did have fun squirting paint onto the paper though.

Trying to spin it.

Gracie's first spin painting masterpiece.

While we were painting a couple of Gracie's friends came over to see if she could come out and play. I invited them in, and the next thing I knew I had eight kids in my living room spin painting! I decided to move them outside before I ended up with tie dye carpet-good thing I did!

Friends helping Gracie pull the string hard enough to get it spinning fast.

The kids took the spinner part out of the container and decided it looked like chocolate-so they dug in! It got a bit messy at this point and I was very thankful I had moved the party outside! Luckily Gracie didn't join in at this step!

You may be wondering what Brianna was doing all this time?

Playing with her BEE, of course!
another treasure from the Munchkin Market!
I love this picture of Bee!

All of the kids' finished masterpieces. What a day!


erin said...

Hey, would paper plates fit in the spinner?

Jodi said...

Carrie actually bought a package of them for me to use, but they are a smidgen too big for mine. I'm sure they come in different sizes-as to the plates. A dessert size prob would.