Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sensory Bottles

Since learning about sensory bottles a few days ago, I have had a lot of fun researching different ideas and thinking of some of my own. I have made a few more for Bee. Two of them have colorful wire, one has them crumpled almost like a bird's nest and for the other I twisted the wire around a pencil to make corkscrews. I added a few beads to both of them so she can make noise and try to find the beads visually when she shakes them. I've also put Mylar confetti into a bottle, intending to add oil so they will float around, but both girls love it with just the confetti in there.

I also made one that is more for Gracie at this point. I put some seashells in an old racquetball container, added some sand from the playground, and hot glued it shut. She has had fun shaking it and trying to find the shells. I still plan to make some more, including one with metal objects in rice. I'll give Gracie a magnetic wand and see if she can find some of the hidden objects. For more information on sensory bottles, check my "Baby Activities" and "Toddler Activities" links at the top of the page or Google.

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