Sunday, May 23, 2010

Brewers/Twins Game

To continue Daddy's birthday celebration, we headed out to Target Field to catch a Brewers game! We brought Bri with us, but Gracie got to go play with Grandma all by herself (no sharing Grandma with Bee today!). We had a lot of fun, but ended up having to leave very early because Bee just couldn't take a nap there and was getting quite upset about it.

"I'm goin' to my first baseball game!"

Daddy and Bee, waiting for the gates to open.

Pretty nice field-it's no Miller Park though.

"I got my own bat!"
She was so happy to play with her very own Joe Mauer baseball bat that she was kicking her feet so fast they are a blur!


Anonymous said...

Looking at the top photo, I didn't know red-headed Bees could grow bunny ears. Maybe you have an Apis leporida.

And no, Target Field is no Miller Park for MP lacks rain delays and has many many more red-heads.

Jodi said...

Ha! That's funny, Jon! I didn't even notice the ears in that pic until you pointed it out!
We miss MP. Red-heads and all. :)