Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk

I've kinda been putting off sidewalk chalk for a few reasons. One, we live in an apartment so besides the small patio the only place to use it would be the parking lot or the sidewalk along the parking lot. I really don't want to encourage Gracie to play close to cars-especially with how fast some of the people drive into the parking lot around here. Two, I figured the neighbor kids would grab the chalk, fill up our patio, and leave Gracie in their wake wondering what just happened. I found a big set at the dollar store yesterday and decided to give it a very supervised try. Tonight was perfect, as it's cooled off outside so none of the other kids are out. Gracie had fun for a while and then started playing with her new sand toys that I also found at the dollar store. Here is her chalk adventure.

Momma drew a circle to give her an idea how to use it, and she went to town coloring it in right away.

I love this pic!
She started drawing a line, and just kept going despite the fact that she was folding herself in half to reach!

We traced her hand.

Momma drew flowers for her to color.

Momma drew a sun, and Gracie instructed me to add eyes, a nose, happy mouth, and a hat!

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