Sunday, May 2, 2010


Shirley came over for a playdate today! Gracie loves Shirley, talks about her often, and doesn't see her nearly enough. So today was a bit of a treat for her. She completely lit up when I told her Shirley was going to come over to play.

Enjoying a water picnic.

I can't help it, I love this picture!
They are sifting sand and collecting the rocks in the bucket.

Stopping at the feltboard on the way to the bathroom to paint. It was SJ's first time painting, and with no nap, it was a bit rough at a couple of points but I think she did great overall. I'm sure next time she'll have even more fun.

Using shaving cream to clean up.

Taking a break from the action to watch Veggie Tales and eat frozen yogurt tubes.
After this, Gracie took a nap, and SJ chilled in front of the t.v. resting for a couple of hours. Then we all got ready for church.

SJ licking yogurt off Gracie's finger-a little snack before church.


erin said...

I LOVE the sand one, too.
SJ also LOVES "CeCe." She asks to play with her almost every day. We need more playdates! :)

Josephine Marie said...

looks like they had so much cute

Jodi said...

Oh, defiantly! Our whole family would love to see your family more often. I spend most Wednesday nights at my parents' house because Brian works super early Thursdays if you ever want to get together then. There's always weekends too!