Saturday, October 9, 2010

Afton Apple Orchard

We checked out the Afton Apple Orchard with Carrie and Jolynn. We were disappointed that their crop was destroyed by a hail storm, so we couldn't pick any apples~but we still had lots of fun. It was the first trip to an apple orchard for both of the girls. The top picture is of the girls stopping in the entrance for samples of apples (they shipped some in to sell from other orchards), apple butter, and cider.

They had wheelbarrows for their guests. I'm thinking they were expecting me to use them for a different kind of pumpkin, but my little pumpkin had a lot of fun riding around in one!

They had a petting zoo, pumpkin patches, huge rocking chair, corn maze (we skipped that), and more.

Pumpkin patch.

Bee loves corn. If she's getting whiny all we have to do is chop off a piece of a cob and give it to her. She'll chomp on it until it's completely demolished.

Bee and Gracie crawled through a big tunnel.

Daddy and Gracie climbed all the way to the top of the big tire pile.

Gracie wasn't too sure about the bumpy PVC pipe slide.

We went on a hayride around the orchard grounds.

Someone stole Momma's sunglasses. (Like her pants? She fell in a mud puddle. THAT was fun.)

They have a COWch in their retail store. (And a better shot of her lovely pants.)

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carrie said...

Glad you took so many pictures, since I missed pretty much all of it (didn't miss her going in the mud-hehe)