Saturday, October 9, 2010

Over a Month?!

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a month since I posted. Hopefully I will get caught up tonight~if neither of the kids wake up. It's been crazy around here lately. In late September I started Grad School. We meet one weekend a month~ALL WEEKEND. I am getting a lot out of it, but I must admit it is very hard to be away from the kids all weekend. It's hard on them too. Over the summer my uncle was diagnosed with leukemia. I took the girls up to Moorhead to visit his family and see him in the hospital (although he was in a medicated sleep at the time). Here are some pictures from our weekend up there.

The girls with my cousin, Megan, and Nana at the Fargo Zoo.

Gracie was watching the meerkats when all of a sudden this little guy jumped up on the ledge. Gracie screamed and ran into my arms, she was so startled. She did calm down and eventully got real close and personal with the little guy!

The zoo had a farm area where the kids got to feed the animals.

This cow really knew how to get fed!

After the zoo we went to the local mall to play in their dinosaur playland.

We also got to visit my great-aunt Ruby. She is my paternal grandma's twin sister.

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