Monday, August 30, 2010

Church Picnic

Every year our church takes advantage of our amazing surroundings through an all-church picnic. Instead of having four services, we have one outdoor service, a believer's baptism, and picnic. It's always a wonderful time, and yesterday was no exception. I brought the girls with Grandma.

Some of the kids near us were climbing the trees, but Gracie was just a little too small to join in, so Grandma helped her sit in a tree. Then, of course, Bee needed a turn.

Dancing to the wonderful worship music.

Playing with a friend of ours. Gracie was chasing her with her hands on her mouth like big teeth and growling. They had lots of fun!

Gracie spent some time chasing a little butterfly around. Luckily, it did get away at the end!

Grandma brought a stroller umbrella that Gracie danced around with for a while.

Sitting back, relaxing, enjoying her hot dog.

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